You may already know that the 3dvkarts  team Drawing is very attracted to myths and stories as well as drawing figures from the myths. Particularly, we are drawn to characters from ancient Greek myths, a lot of which are present on our site. The lesson today on drawing Scylla will help us to revisit this subject.

Step 1
This is a truly unique and bizarre character The stickman character is also very unusual. In this stage, we’ll sketch out the upper portion of the skeleton that forms the Scylla comprising the spine, head, and thorax. the hands and snakes that are behind the back.

Step 2
In this stage, we’ll sketch out the bottom of the Skeleton of Scylla. In the beginning, we draw a large circle that is at the base. Utilizing the light and strong curved lines, draw the tentacles on the lower portion.

Step 3
In this stage, we’ll enhance the Scylla figure larger. Utilizing simple geometric shapes draw the outlines of the arms and torso. Add some volume to the bottom as well as tentacles. Don’t forget to draw snakes and hair.

Step 4
Draw cheekbones and the chin, like in our illustration. Draw the nose, eyes, and mouth. Also, make sure to erase any unnecessary instructions from the face.

Step 5
With the help of long, curving lines, draw out Scylla’s hair. Make sure that the hair is very unkempt.

Step 6
Go to the arms of Scylla and draw them using black and smooth lines. Be sure to remove the unnecessary guidelines.

Step 7
A rather difficult process where you must draw all the snakes that are behind Scylla. Make them as scary as our illustration.

Step 8
Then, using long, smooth lines (yes we do often employ this word combination) We need to draw the lower part of Scylla and the long tentacles.

Step 9
With light hatching to draw shadows. It is important to note that we’ve created very few shadows however, you can make them denser and darker.

In this lesson, we definitely don’t finish our series of drawing lessons that focus on mythical characters. To look at other examples and learn the art of drawing them check out our category “Myths and Legends”. If there’s no wanted character listed in this category then write it down in the comments of this article.

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