We have created a brand new drawing tutorial where we will teach the reader the steps to draw Scott Pilgrim. The character was not the most popular in comics, but things changed with the film’s release Scott Pilgrim vs . the World.

Step 1
It’s not difficult to complete. In this case, we draw two rectangles and a circle. We then join these two basic shapes to form the neck. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes with proportions. The size of the head must be the same as the body’s width.

Step 2
In this phase, we’ll include drawing legs and arms. They appear like long cylinders of plastic. In this class, you will not be required to draw complicated joints and muscles, however, it is crucial to measure the correct dimensions of legs and arms.

Step 3
Draw out the eyes in the circle and black lines inside the eyes. The location of the pupils will always be in line with the direction eye. Draw the mouth, nose (these are the most common line drawings), and frowning eyebrows of our character.

Step 4
In this section, we’ll sketch Scott Pilgrim’s clothing. The stripes will be drawn on the sleeves, collar as well as on the lower part of the shirt. If you completed everything exactly as we did in our example, you are able to move on to the next stage.

Step 5
We have now come to the end of this tutorial that explains the drawing process of Scott Pilgrim. In this step, we simply draw the shoes and then erase any lines that are not needed from the earlier steps.



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