It’s a nice time of the day dear comic book enthusiasts! In this drawing course, we’ll teach the viewers ways to draw Scorpion in Marvel Comics.

In the Marvel Universe, there are many versions of Scorpion However, this particular superhero was first recognized with the publication of the movie The Amazing Spider-Man # 19 (1964).

Step 1
We begin by sketching the skull of our antagonist. It’s fairly simple and comprises a head that is drawn as an oval and lines drawn around the spine, legs, and arms as well as the pelvis and chest. Make use of gentle lines when drawing your Skeleton.
Step 2
To draw facial features, we have to draw first those lines that define the symmetry that define the face. Always an upward-facing vertical line for the central point of the face. And a horizontal line for the eyes. Draw out the torso, which tapers towards the waist.
Step 3
Let’s look at the muscles. The first step is to sketch out the deltoids using the form of circles. Draw the arms using the aid of simple geometric forms. Then sketch the hands. Sketch out the groin as well as legs using simple geometric shapes.
Step 4
Then draw the eyes using that horizontal line. Over the eyes, draw the eyebrows that are frowning. Below the eyes draw out the mouth and nose with teeth that are clenched. Make some wrinkles on the face before moving on to the next stage.
Step 5
Draw the skull of a Scorpion. Draw the lines that define the face, creating an outline of cheekbones as well as the chin. Then draw the eye-opening and then add wrinkles around the mouth.
Step 6
Draw the body of our villainous Scorpion using thick, clear lines. Draw lines for abdominal muscles, chest, and abdominal muscles oblique. Don’t forget to remove all extra lines that are drawn from the upper torso.
Step 7
We will continue drawing tutorials about How can I how draw a Scorpion from Marvel. Draw away the muscle groups of your arms with sharp and clear lines. Be extra careful when drawing your hands.
Step 8
Then move on toward the hind legs of our Scorpion. Make sure to draw the tail and legs with large and straight lines. Remove all remaining lines. Don’t forget to draw lines for knees, and muscles and also add a few folds of the legs.
Step 9
In the lesson on Iron Man, Hulk, and other comic book characters, shadows must be dark and extremely contrasting. To make the shadows lighter you can use hatching. In the same way, we sketch the specifics that make up the outfit, like shorter lines and lines that cross the body.

The lesson on drawing a Scorpion from Marvel ended. We encourage you to share this drawing lesson with your friends and join us on social networks. This drawing lesson will be an instance of that. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the article.

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