How to Draw Scissors

In this easy drawing guide, we’ll teach the drawing process with scissors. It’s possible to think that this is an uninteresting instruction. It’s actually very helpful to work on straight lines and geometric contours.


Step 1

The first step is to trace our outline around the edges of the blades of our scissors. It appears like the shape of a cone, which is situated diagonally. It is possible to make use of the ruler in this drawing class, however, it’s really cool to draw it with no additional tools.



Step 2

This is likely to be the simplest and least tense procedure of all the ones that we offer on our website. It is all we need to do is draw an oblique line that divides both scissor blades and draw a small circle at the lower edge of each blade.



Step 3.

The second line of longitudinal lines is added to divide one blade from the other. In the same way, you should trace a transverse line that will divide the handles from the blades.



Step 4

Let’s draw the contours of a scissor’s handle. It is possible to draw the lateral parts of the handles with any shape you like. But, the medial portion must be straight to ensure that the scissors are able to close.



Step 5

This is why we create holes for the fingers. The holes shouldn’t be straight. These lines must be aligned with the lines of the handles we traced in the earlier step.




Step 6

We assess the correctness of the lines and shapes within our illustration. If you’ve not found any distortions, you are able to eliminate the guidelines and move to the last phase.



Step 7

Let’s paint color. It is possible to use any color you want for the handle and then paint it completely. If you are working with blades, pay close attention to the metallic highlights located in the oblique area. In the absence of these highlights, you’ll feel the blades and the handle are made from identical materials.



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