Dear comic book fans and artists, 3dvkartsalready taught you how to draw Quicksilver Marvel Universe. We will be showing you how to draw Scarlet Witch, his sister. You all know Scarlet Witch is the main character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Stan Lee, screenwriter and Jack Kirby created Scarlet Witch. She first appeared in X-Men #4 in March 1964. Let’s now learn how you can draw the Scarlet Witch.

Step 1
Our drawings should be beautiful, proportional, and smooth. To do this, draw the skeleton (or the sick man) of the character. Sketch out the head as an oval first. Next, draw the spine. This is where the pelvis and thorax are located. With simple lines, draw the arms and legs.

Step 2
Add volume to our character’s body. Draw two parallel lines across the face. These lines will allow you to draw details on the face. Draw the neck and torso. The neck narrows at the waist, and the hips widen. Draw your arms and legs thinly. They will be wider in the hips, and closer to the knees.

Step 3
Let’s now add the main details of the Scarlet Witch drawing. Sketch out the features of the Scarlet Witch’s face first. Next, draw a mask with long hair. Next, draw the cape and the clothing elements on the torso.

Step 4
We now move on to the last details. First, draw the facial features using both dark and clear lines. Next, draw the hair and mask with long curves. Don’t forget to take out any unnecessary lines from the head.

Step 5
Let’s now move on to the Scarlet Witch’s torso. Use curved lines to draw the torso. You can remove all unnecessary lines and draw clothing lines on your torso. Take into account the shape of your body underneath the clothing.

Step 6
We now move on to Scarlet Witch’s arms. Draw the parts of the cape that cover the neck and shoulders. As in the example, draw all folds. Next, draw the outline of your arms and gloves. Learn more about the hands by visiting our lesson How to Draw Hands. Don’t forget to draw glowing circles around your hands.

Step 7
Draw the cape using smooth and clear lines. Next, draw the outline of the legs using smooth lines. With a pair of pencils, draw the outline of the knees and muscles. All other guidelines should be deleted.

Step 8
Smooth lines can be used to draw your hair. Let’s now work with shadows. Comics used contrasted shadows and dark colors, just like our lesson on Spider-Man. This lesson will use a slightly different method. We will first determine the source of light and then use light hatching to add shadows in the areas that do not receive the light.

It was a lesson on how you draw Scarlet Witch. We will give you some tips at the end of this lesson. When drawing a female character, the first thing to notice is the differences in proportions between a male and female model. The feminine figure is typically more refined. The shoulders are usually narrower, and the hips wider. To make your hair more natural, you should draw it from the roots to the tips.


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