Hi! Today we’ll show the reader ways to draw scales.

Step 1
We will first sketch first a “stickman”. It is important to notice the symmetry of this step.

Step 2
Following that, we will draw and sketch the outline of the stand. The stand is comprised of an oval located at the lower part and a lengthy elongated rectangle.

Step 3
The process is not as difficult as it could appear. The first step is to draw a crossbar horizontally that is on top of the. This is the crossbar that is used to hold the scalepans. Then you sketch the scale plans. The left and right scale plans appear exactly the same.

Step 4
We are now finishing a drawing lesson on how to draw scales. In this stage, it is necessary to use very light shadows, which are on the right.

This was a drawing lesson that showed how to draw scales step by step. the art of drawing scales step-by-step. Make sure to note in the comments how you did with this drawing. We’ll see you tomorrow, goodbye!


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