How to Draw Saturn Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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In the beginning of the guide on drawing Saturn We will begin with a very basic drawing. But, as you see in the image reference it is not an exact circle.

The circle will have a slight space left on either side of the circle. This will be the place where the ring is set to enter in the future.

Drawing circles with freehand isn’t easy for beginners, so to make the process easier , try using tools for drawing like the Compass. This tool is simple and allows you to draw circles with either a pencil or pen. Make sure to leave gaps when using the compass and you’ll be all set!

Step 2. Draw some specifics for Saturn

We’ll add some planet specifics to this part on the Saturn drawing. In reality, Saturn is made up mostly of gas clumps swirling around a presumed solid core. We’ll attempt to recreate that gaseous appearance for our planet.

It is possible to do this by drawing a few curves that traverse the surface of the planet, as illustrated in the figure reference.

At present, we’ll take a look at the most affluent of places and we’ll add the additional details later on. When you’re happy with the design then you can move to step 3.

Step 3: Draw some lines to mark the planet’s surface.

In the final stage of our drawing Saturn guide, we’ll keep creating texture on the surface of Saturn.

For this step, you simply repeat the steps you took in the previous step. Draw another set of lines on the globe’s surface.

They will fall beneath the lines you sketched and will cover the upper half of the earth.

We’ll then complete the remaining planet’s surface , and draw the ring in the following couple of steps, so we can move ahead!

Step 4 – Add Final Planet Details

Before adding Saturn’s famed rings, have a few more precise lines that can be added to this portion of your Saturn sketch.

Once you’ve got it, in this stage, you have to draw a few more curves to the ones you’ve created up to now.

These will be responsible for the specifics for the lower part of the globe The lines will be as wide as the gap that the rings will fill.

You can then get to the final details before coloring your Saturn sketch.

Step 5 – Now , you can draw the ring.

It’s time for the huge circle around Saturn in this part of our drawing Saturn tutorial!

In order to do this, we’ll make use of long lines around the globe to create the rings. These lines also cover the gaps that you missed when drawing the circle that was originally drawn around the planet.

This will conclude the information in this tutorial however, before you move on you are able to make your own!

The details may be less pronounced than the distant stars. However, you could also incorporate additional planets in the image by using Saturn.

You could also add other fun elements such as flying comets, or the cool spaceship of an alien whizzing past!

These are only some ideas however, here’s a step that you can explore your creativity. What additional details could you include for this image to come to life before you move on to the next step?

Step 6: Finish your sketch of Saturn by adding colors

In the last part of your Saturn drawing, you’ll have the opportunity to improve it by adding incredible colors to the image. In our example image we have made the colors muted and slightly darker so you are able to use this image as an example if you’re looking for the same design for your own image.

But, this is your work and you’re allowed to use any color you wish to use! It is possible to make the colors lighter and bold, or even create a darker shade depending on what you prefer.

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