One of our favorite categories on 3dvkarts is a category where there are already many drawing classes on characters and villains from various. We draw pretty well-known characters, like Spider-Man as well as Wolverine. However, today we decided to draw the character a little less well-known and created a lesson on drawing Sasquatch.

Step 1
In the tradition of our time, we begin by defining what we call the “skeleton” of our today’s character. It is important to remember this fact: Sasquatch is a hugely large and tall creature and therefore his skeleton must also be large and strong. Start with the head, drawing it as an oval. Then, we move to the spine and draw it as an outline where we sketch the pelvis and chest. Utilizing these easy lines, we draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
On the head, sketch two intersecting lines. Then, draw a strong torso that is wide in the shoulders. It also significantly narrows in the waist. Then, sketch out the arms, shoulders, and legs with only geometric shapes. Next, sketch out the feet and palms as similar to the feet of a mongoose.

Step 3
Simple, but crucial step. We need to include the most basic of aspects in drawing the Sasquatch drawing. Let’s start starting with a head. Then, draw lines of the face and hairdresser that is unusual. Then, move to the body, drawing the outline of muscles on the torso and legs, and arms. At the close of this process, you draw long hair with slightly curly lines.

Step 4
If everything went as planned Then it’s time for you to finish the particulars of the drawing. In the beginning, using sharp black lines take care to draw the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, draw the outline of the jaw’s angular line and add some wrinkles and facial contours.

Step 5
We’ll now look at the torso of our current character. Following the lines of the head and carefully sketching out the shoulders. Then, draw carefully the contours of the strong pectoral muscles, the torso as well as the abdominal muscles. After removing all contours from the body area, proceed on to step.

Step 6
Then, let’s sketch the arms and legs of Sasquatch. Following the shoulder lines, it is important to draw precisely broad deltoids, and then the outline of triceps and biceps that flow smoothly into the forearms. Then draw the hands taking into consideration the entire knuckles, as we did in our illustration and our instruction on drawing hands.

Step 7
If the upper part of this character is done, is time for drawing the lower part of his body. The first step is to draw long hair that is in between the hips. Furthermore, with the help of clear, long, and smooth lines, we trace the outline of leg muscles as well as hair that has wavy lines around the legs. Then, we draw the outline of the feet.

Step 8
Sasquatch drawing is nearly done It’s now time to add shadows to the drawing. Here, we have chosen to add a few lighter shadows using clear hatching. You can however create a more shaded drawing by using the technique we discussed in the course on Vision which we covered in which we explained how to draw these contrasting with dark and light shadows.

The lesson was quite challenging and, in fact, was a bit difficult, just like all of our lessons in this category, it was a great learning experience category. If you enjoyed this lesson and are looking for more you should definitely check out this category to learn to draw different Comic book characters.


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