Hello dear readers! We have a new lesson for you today on how we draw Sara Lavrof. You may be familiar with Sara Lavrof, who is the main character in the animated movie about Tadeo J. This lesson was based on the previous drawing lesson.

Step 1
Draw the head in the form of an egg. Next, draw the spine with a curving line. Draw the pelvis, chest, arms, and legs. The pelvis of women is usually wider than the shoulders. (To learn more, see the lesson How to draw a girl).

Step 2
Draw the lines that connect the facial symmetry lines on the face. The neck should be drawn in the form of a neat cylindrical. Next, draw the curving torso. It narrows at the waist and increases in the hips. Next, draw the cylinders for arms or legs. Circles should be drawn for elbows, knees, shoulders, and elbows. Sketch out the hands And feet.

Step 3
Draw the pupils with the almond eyes in a precise manner. Next, draw the full lips and small nose. The facial features of women tend to be more delicate and subtle.

Step 4
Draw the hair. Draw the outline of the hair, then trace the lines around the main contours. You can also visit the lesson on drawing Anna Williams from Tekken if you need a more difficult lesson.

Step 5
Continue to Sara Lavrof’s torso. You can erase all guidelines and draw the lines for the torso, clothing, and other details.

Step 6
We do the same thing here – we erase the guidelines and draw the lines for the arms. Another feature is that the arms of women (especially bodybuilders) are more delicate than those of men.

Step 7
Here are the shorts for our character today. This step is quite simple, despite the fact that there are many lines. Simply draw the lines and consider folding. Draw the belt, and seams, and then add more folds.

Step 8
The legs are drawn in the last step. Draw the legs using straight and curved lines. Next, draw the shoes.

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