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Dear readers welcome to our drawing instructions on drawing Santa’s Little Helper – one of the most well-known dogs in the world. You may have heard that Santa’s Little Helper is a dog from the cult animated show Simpsons.

Step 1
Similar to other drawing lessons given by people from The Simpsons family members, it is recommended to will begin this lesson by drawing eyes. One important aspect – eyes should be focused at a different angle.

Step 2
Draw the nostril. It should be crowned with an oval. Only use very smooth bends.

Step 3
Continue with the lower line, to draw the mouth. Draw the tongue into the mouth, as shown in our example, and move to the next step.

Step 4
Above the eyes, draw the shape of the ears and head. Take a look at the forehead – it’s very thin, and the distance between your eyes and the edges of your head is a small distance.

Step 5
From the mouth, draw two lines of smoothness – the neck which is a part of the trunk, as well as the forepaw respectively.

Step 6
Draw the torso which will be tapering towards the hind legs. Sketch in the contours of the ribs.

Step 7
Draw on the hind paw. The same principle applies – we only use smooth lines. All bends should be smooth like in our example.

Step 8
A short and simple step – you close the area between the lower and upper curves on the trunk. making a hanging tail. The tail should taper downwards.

Step 9
We are now on the final part of the tutorial on drawing Santa’s Little Helper in which direction we need to draw the furthest from us, front and back Paws.



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