Dear readers, Merry Christmas! We have a brand new drawing lesson for you today. We will show you how to draw Santa Claus.

Step 1
Let’s draw a stickman. As you can see, our figure is short and thin. The width of the chest is nearly equal to that of the pelvis. This figure is only found in chubby males and females. Do not forget to start with very light lines as we will need them erased in the next steps.

Step 2
Important step. Before you begin this step, make sure to check the proportions on your stickman. Draw two intersecting lines first. These will help you later draw details of your face. Now, with the help of circles and cylinders, we can create a silhouette for Santa Claus. You should notice that Santa must have a large stomach and plump limbs.

Step 3
The beard and hat are essential for Santa Claus. Let’s draw the contours for the beard & hat. Sketch the outline of Santa’s costume in the same step. As you can see the length of your beard is nearly equal to that of your head.

Step 4
Okay, now we have a very impressive result. Let’s draw more. This step will show you how to draw Santa Claus’ eyes, eyebrows, and nose. The eyes should be small enough. Don’t forget to draw the bang, which should be above your eyes.

Step 5
We will continue the drawing lesson by showing you step-by-step. This step is much simpler than the previous one. Only draw the belt and coat using clear and dark lines.

Step 6
Let’s now draw our arms. Your palms should be small in relation to your sleeves. Make sure to fold the bag and cloth. Don’t forget to remove any unnecessary lines from the arms and upper body.

Step 7
This is the end of our drawing tutorial. We will now detail the pants and boots. Let’s use clear and dark lines to draw the legs. We will also remove any unnecessary lines. You can also see the details you need to draw. These are the details.

The folds in the pants
Shoes with buckles
The soles.

Step 8
The last thing that we want to do is add shadows. These should be placed on the bag, sleeves, and coats, as well as the pants and beard. Classic hatching is used to draw shadows.

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