Sandman is among the most well-known and oldest adversaries of Spider-Man. The character was featured in the majority of the movies, comics as well as cartoons, and other works related to Spider-Man. So, let’s get started with a lesson on drawing this character from Marvel. Sandman in the Marvel comics. Marvel.

Step 1
We’ll first sketch the outline of our character’s skeleton. The first step is to sketch the head in the shape of an oval. Then create a line that follows the spine. On this, we draw out the pelvis and chest. Utilizing simple lines, draw the legs and arms. It is drawn similarly to any other man, with the exception that the Skeletal structure for the Sandman is much more chunky and broad.

Step 2
Let’s draw two lines that cross over the head. With this, we’ll sketch out the details on the head. Sketch out the neck and wide torso. Then, using simple geometric shapes, draw the legs and arms. In case you’re interested in learning more about drawing the figure of a man check out the tutorial on drawing Doctor. Manhattan.

Step 3
Therefore, to begin this step, we’ll employ dark and clear lines. The horizontal lines, meticulously draw the eyebrows and eyes. Then, draw a smile and a nose. and mouth. Make sure to sketch out the outline of your teeth, and then make a few wrinkles on the face.

Step 4
Then, using sharp and dark lines, sketch out the outline of the jaw’s angular shape along with the famous haircut of Sandman. Then, draw out the ears and take out all unnecessary hairstyles off the face of our Sandman character.

Step 5
We’ll now move to how we can shape the physique of our Sandman. Utilizing dark and clear lines, sketch the outline of the muscles as seen in the example. Draw a hand that is clenched into a fist. Draw another hand that is crumbling fingers. Then, remove any unnecessary guidelines from the body’s upper part.

Step 6
A very famous aspect that we can all recognize from Sandman is the famous T-shirt with stripes, which we’ll draw today. When drawing a T-shirt, make sure to think about the muscles beneath the clothing to make their appearance more real and detailed.

Step 7
Let’s begin with the lower portion of Sandman. Draw the outlines of the pants, as illustrated in the example. Then sketch the shoes, and remove any unnecessary guidelines from your drawing. You can add some folds to the pants, and then proceed to the final step of the course on drawing Sandman.

Step 8
The final step of the traditional will be dedicated to drawing shadows. Shadows are drawn as in comic books of the past – which are shadows that are black and contrasted. In order to create more light shadows, employ dense hatching.

You can draw in pencil, or sketch it out using the help of a liner or ink then you can paint over it. You can also visit our category, which is known as “comics”, where you will find tons of drawing classes on Comic book characters.

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