How To Draw Sakura Step by Step || Anime Girl Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

This is where you’ll start with an easy circle, and then draw how you want your face to look.

Step 2

If you draw the outline that Sakura’s face is, you’ll also include the hair that is a dome. There are a few hairs that fall on Sakura’s cheeks, as it is seen here on the right side.

Step 3

With the facial expressions you created in the first step, we’ll begin drawing Sakura’s beautiful, big eyes. The upper lashes need to be extremely bold and strong. You can also add the Lanyard. Draw an eyeball and color the pupil’s tiny size. You’ll then draw her brows and thin eyebrows and also her mouth and smile. Even though, we are aware that Sakura isn’t the most pleasant person sometimes.

Step 4

Once Sakura’s face has been put fixed We can concentrate on brushing her hair. Begin from the uppermost point of each arch in her bangs and begin drawing her curly short curls. There are points and passages which need to be added, as well as some of her hair ribbons peeking out from behind. Did you not know that Sakura began wearing ribbons in her hair following a suggestion from the advice of her friend Ino suggested that she wear one to distract attention from her forehead?

Step 5

This is where you draw the ribbon in that way and then draw Sakura’s neck shape. After you’ve completed the drawing, you’ll be able to complete the Naruto model by drawing her high collar as well as some shoulders. If you’re satisfied that your drawing is finished and ready to color, simply be sure to erase any mistakes you’ve made along your route, and also the guidelines and the shapes.

Step 6

Once you’ve finished and you’re done, you’re able to color your masterpieces. Display everyone your amazing work you’ve done by drawing Sakura.

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