How To Draw Sailor Mercury || Anime Girl Drawing

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Anime Girl || Sailor Neptune

Design guides that guide the body and head like we draw a shape. Make faces guides and Chi lines.

Step 2
This is where you sketch out the outline of your face and make a small bump in the ears.

Step 3
Then draw the parted bangs. As you draw them ensure that the ends are straight.

Step 4
Sailor Mercury wears a headband which is why you’ll need draw the headband using the diamond in the middle. After you’re done then draw her eyes big after which you can include a mouth, nose and earrings.

Step 5
One of the most simple chores when drawing Sailor Mercury is her hair. Her hair doesn’t have long curls instead she has a short flowing hair.

Step 6
After hair, face, and features are finished then draw the outline of her neck. Next, draw a V-neck on her neck top. It is also necessary create a heart near the bottom of the V-line.

Step 7
Now draw the collar of your shirt, and then draw the bow that connects to your collar.

Step 8
Then Draw sleeves that are looser, instead of being long. Create a definition on the top.

Step 9
Then draw her arm outstretched and then draw a loop on the top of her arm.

Step 10
Draw above her and draw an outline that her waist will take. Take off the mini skirt or dress before putting the other bows.

Step 11
Nearly completed All done. You can draw the other arm by putting the ribbon onto the upper section that is her arms, i.e. the forearm.

Step 12
All we’re trying to do is draw a line to define her attire. Attach a V-belt that is lined, then draw the folds.

Step 13
And finally, draw the huge bow at the side of her. Remove your mistakes if you made them, and then erase the instructions.

Step 14
It’s line art. Colors in Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Crystal. I hope you had fun people.

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