Today, we’ll show how to draw the drawing technique for Sabretooth of Marvel. As you may know, Sabretooth is the most feared enemy of Wolverine.

Step 1
To ensure that our character appears smooth and symmetrical, our first step is drawing skeletons. The skeleton is the foundation of our character’s appearance. We begin by drawing the head and drawing it in the form of an oval. Then trace the spine with an easy line. Along the spine, draw the pelvis and chest. Then sketch out the legs and arms as well as you can move to the next step.

Step 2
We now sketch lines of symmetry on the face. These lines should meet in the middle of the face, close to the nose. Then sketch the neck as well as the body, notably with a tapering waist. Draw the legs and arms with simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
We’ll now focus on the major aspects. Draw the facial features using the help of the guidelines that you sketched in earlier steps. Next, sketch out the shoulders’ mane as well as the details of the dress. Remember that you don’t have to draw every line during the first three steps. The first step is to sketch out the main lines of Sabretooth.

Step 4
Let’s start adding details. Draw the eyes situated in the horizontal line drawn from earlier. Draw frowning eyebrows on the eyes and add wrinkles. Then, draw out the hairline as well as the characteristic side-whiskers.

Don’t forget the most important rule: hair must be pulled in the direction from the roots up to the ends.

Step 5
The next step is to draw the corpus. Draw the outlines of the tracery of the body. With long and curved lines make long hair across the shoulders. Next, draw the outline of the muscles underneath the costume.

Step 6
We then go into the arms of our Sabretooth. As you can observe, Sabretooth has powerful muscular arms. Draw the outline of the muscles of the deltoid Biceps, triceps, and biceps forearm muscles. Take out all unnecessary lines on the arms. If you are having trouble drawing fists and hands then take a look at the drawing class.

Step 7
Then let’s look at the legs on our Sabretooth. Take care to draw the outline for our model’s pelvis as well as legs. Take into consideration all lines of the joints and muscles as seen in the image below. Make sure to erase any guidelines that were drawn in earlier steps, and draw triangles around the hips.

Step 8
When we finish the drawing lesson in comics style, we always use shadows. Similar to what we performed in this lesson on drawing Sabretooth. Shadows here, we have to incorporate the style of comics so it will be striking and thickly patterned.

This drawing tutorial has ended. Today, we learned how to sketch Sabretooth. We hope that you enjoyed this blog post. We have plenty of information on The Marvel Comics Universe for you. Keep an eye out for more drawing tutorials coming to DFA. Goodbye!


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