Hello! This time we will draw Ryu as among the principal characters from Street Fighter, the combat game Street Fighter. It is important to note it is that the game is among the oldest games in the genre.

We chose to draw Ryu because his being actually the first character to appear in the very first game of the whole series. He was also the first character to appear in the initial game of the whole series. It is possible to affirm the character – Ryu is a character in Street Fighter – is identical to Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat. The tutorial will help you to learn the art of drawing Ryu.

Step 1
As with all lessons in sketching people, we start with the stickman. Take note of the features of the pose Ryu is standing in a sideways position to the intended opponent, with the torso positioned toward the direction of his opponent. His head was slightly angled to the left and was placed against the shoulder. This is exactly the same pose you observe in the Drawing tutorial for Boxer.

To get a better understanding of proportions, study the drawing lesson of Captain America – Ryu has a similar body The rules outlined in the initial phase of the lesson can be applied to the present lesson.

Step 2
Now, let’s draw an image of Ryu. Take a look – Rue is extremely slim, but not too fat. It’s because of the V-shaped shape of his torso. Another interesting moment is when we only see the upper part of the neck. It appears as if the head has been pushed out of his shoulders.

First, draw your facial lines which will allow us to sketch the facial features as we proceed. Draw the outline of the body. Then draw the shoulders into the shapes of circles, and the arms with the cylinders. Make sure to draw out the hands and elbows. Then, sketch the groin. It appears like a triangle and the legs are in the form of cylindrical shapes. The body should be large. Draw the feet and knees. Then continue to the next step.

Step 3
Now, you are able to trace lines around the facial contours. You can clearly see that we’ve drawn an outline of Ryu that moves from top to bottom. The next step is to add details along the same lines. Drawing style used by Ryu (as well as the entire Street Fighter).

Begin by drawing the eye so that you can observe. Next, using a thick curving line, draw the eyebrow. Utilizing a couple of Simple lines draw the mouth and nose. Draw the ear and then correct the shape of the jaw. Sketch the contours of the hair and the bandage.

Step 4
This step is quite simple. In this step, we create your face Ryu more intricate. First, we erase the basic lines that define the facial shape, like the circle of the head that was created in the previous step as well as the lines of facial symmetry.

Then, make the eyebrow large and dark. Make sure that the lines of your face draw the pupil in the eye and create wrinkles. Also, don’t forget to trace the line of the neck muscles, with some simple lines.

Step 5
Ryu has a uniform that has no sleeves. The shape of which we are about to sketch. Begin by drawing your lines for the collar. By drawing ragged lines, you can draw the edges of the torn sleeves. Then draw the belt as well as part of the gi that is hung beneath the belt. Moving to the lower portion of the clothes of Ryu We first draw the region of the groin. After that, we will move to the legs.

It is important to note that on the clothes Ryu there are very few lines of direct lines that appear like it’s comprised of folds. When you have completed this process, draw the fingers, and toes as well as some lines of muscles on his arms.

Step 6
Continue to the final detail. Remove the rest of the guidelines. using clear, confident lines, trace the lines of the gi (do not forget your collar). The same clear and confident lines we employ to draw muscles. It is apparent that there’s a large amount of muscle, but it’s not.

When we first draw the deltoids. They appear as carving balls.
Move down and make sure you are drawing the triceps and biceps.
Then, draw the elbows. They taper off to the wrists.
After the muscles are activated, you can draw hands and wrap them in gloves. In the final step, draw the toes and feet on them.

This lesson is dedicated to Street Fighter, be exact in drawing Ryu in Street Fighter. Don’t forget that your best instructor is practicing therefore draw Ryu in various poses and strive to get it perfect. Also, don’t forget to join us on social media including YouTube, Google+, and Facebook. Best of luck!

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