how to draw rudolph

We decided to make instructions on drawing Rudolph to make Christmas more accessible. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is one of the most popular characters of all who love Christmas and the New Year. We hope you can follow these steps. Let’s get started!


Step 1

In the style of cartoon drawing, geometric shapes are frequently employed to construct the outline of a person’s character. In the beginning, we’ll attempt to draw three normal circles of various sizes so we can sketch out the circuit that our deer.




Step 2

In the future, we’ll make use of only lines. Connect the three circular forms using smooth, short lines. Then trace the leg contours. Make sure that the hind legs cross.




Step 3

We are not drawing a normal deer, do you? One distinctive characteristic of the Rudolph Deer is its red glowing nose. In this section, we sketch an approximate outline of the nose.




Step 4

By using smooth, rounded shapes we can draw the mouth. In the beginning sketch the outline that the jaw’s lower part. In the second place, inside this circuit, you will draw a line that is similar to the logo of Nike. Nike Company.




Step 5

In this section, we will draw the eye’s contours as well as the contours of the horns. The eye appears very similar to a drop situated horizontally. Horns appear like two mounds of dirt. Their shape is similar to that of eyes and is very similar to the form of the eye as seen in the course on how to draw a mouse.



Step 6

Draw the inner ear’s circuit. The ear of the deer is situated just above the rear of the head.




Step 7

We are getting closer to the completion of the entire body of Rudolph Deer. Through paired smooth lines, we join the body and the head. The upper line runs from the rear on the back of the Deer until its tail. The bottom line is split and split into two lines that form the neck and another line that is the stomach. The stomach of this magnificent animal needs to be slightly stretched. The neck must look elegant.




Step 8

Draw the shape of the front legs. They taper downwards in a direction. At the very top of each leg, we will see an additional expansion.




Step 9

This is why we’ll include a couple of circular designs with an even angle on one side. They are the hooves that belong to our deer.




Step 10

Imagine the legs that are behind. The extension of the trunk and hooves can be seen more clearly. The leg that is closest to us extends over the one that is farther away from us.




Step 11

Then we will continue our lesson about drawing Rudolph. Draw the tail towards the finished portion of the body with the toothed contour. Then you can draw a pair of hooves for both hind legs.




Step 12

We’ve almost finished the instruction on drawing Rudolph. We now need to remove all lines on the head, body, and horns of our deer. Don’t forget to remove the lines that run down the hind limbs to ensure that the areas that make up the bodies of deer are not visible.




Step 13

The standard colors for Rudolph deer are brown and little gray spots. Be attentive to the white glare that is visible inside the eye. Of course, the deer’s nose must be bright red.




We’ve finished our tutorial on drawing Rudolph. When you adhered to the right procedure and were attentive to each step, you’ll have an excellent outcome. Make sure to send a note to us in the comment on how you handled your drawing class. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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