How to Draw Rosie the Riveter, Rosie the Riveter

How to Draw Rosie the Riveter, Rosie the Riveter

Step one:

Start by sketching two forms that represent the head, one for the neck and the second for the body or torso. Draw the facial outline and then draw the limb guideline for Rosie’s arm.

Step two:

You will sketch the outline of Rosie’s face. Then draw the handkerchief’s lining which she wears on her head to keep her hair in place. The hair can peek through as curls, so you should draw it in too.

Step three:

We’ll tackle Rosie’s face by first drawing striking eyebrows. The eyebrows should have an arch on the brows to give an assertive and confident look. Draw the shape of her eyes. Then draw the mouth, nose and facial contours on the cheeks, and the chin.

Step four:

In this step, you’ll finish the handkerchief, and make sure to tie the knot on the top part of the head.

Step five:

Then, draw the neck shape Then draw her collar for the work shirt, along with buttons, and then making a pleat at the shoulder.

Step six:

In this sketch, you’ll take on the challenge of drawing out the sleeves and her hand, which is gripping a mixture of muscles and the sleeves. There ought to be some crinkles and finger detail.

Step seven:

Okay So, Rosie is progressing and should be completed shortly. In this section, you’ll take her powerful bent arm. She also makes an elongated fist to demonstrate strength and power.

Step eight:

In the final drawing step, all you need to draw is the back line and the remainder of her arm, which is clenching to her muscles. Draw the detail to the top of her shirt and and then begin to erase your mistakes.

Step nine:

Here’s the finished picture from Rosie the Riveter. Colour her and then show the world your work.

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