How To Draw Rosalina Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

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Step 1

Create a circle around her head. Then, add guide lines on her face. The next thing to draw the guides to make the body frame.

Step 2

In the description of the character that drawing Rosalina could be simple. All you need to do is draw her beautiful hairstyle that consists of long bangs as well as some curls on both sides. After you’ve finished you can sketch out her tiny but elegant tiara. Then, sketch the outline of her head, ears and her dazzling earrings.

Step 3

Completely draw the hair in the back, and then begin pulling her top part out. Begin with her shoulders and after which draw out her sleeves, arms and hands. There’s a beautiful gem at the center of her chest which is also necessary to draw. Sleeves flare towards the ends , so be sure that you draw them this way.

Step 4

To draw the final sketch All you need to draw is an outline of the bell that is on the gown, and then trace her eyes, nose as well as pouty lips. You are now ready to begin erasing the fundamentals and forms you sketched in the first step.

Step 5

Check out how stunning Rosalina appears after you’ve drawn her. Now , it’s your turn to paint her in to make her shine like a star. This is a very enjoyable lesson I did with you guys. Join me for another drawing lesson.

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