Team X-Men is most likely to be an of the more recognizable superheroes that appear on the page after page of comics. In our previous tutorials on drawing, we demonstrated ways to draw some of the famous characters of this team. Today, we’ve chosen to share the drawing of a character that is not as popular and we created this drawing tutorial on drawing Rogue.

Step 1
This is the most important part of this course since this is where we’ll create the skeleton for the final drawing. Any mistakes caused by proportions can be hard to rectify in the subsequent steps. The skeleton starts with the head drawn in the shape in the shape of an oval. Then, you draw the spine’s line will be drawn. On this, you’ll need to draw the pelvis and chest. The legs and arms must be drawn using simple lines.

Step 2
The sketch is based on two lines around the head. These lines will assist us in drawing the specifics of Rogue. Then, we sketch out the neck’s cylindrical outline and outline the torso, which narrows around the waist and increases in the hips. Be aware of the curvature of the torso as illustrated in our illustration. Then, using the aid of basic geometric figures then sketch out the legs and arms of the person.

Step 3
Now is the moment to incorporate the simplest details into our sketch. The process will begin beginning from the top. Begin by sketching out the outline of the hair that is lush Rogue. With the help of intersecting lines drawn from prior steps sketch out the eyes and mouth, nose, and eyes. Next, we take a look at the body and draw the outline of the costume as illustrated in our example.

Step 4
We can now begin to draw the details with clear as well as a dark line. In keeping with tradition, let’s begin by drawing the face. Then with clear lines, meticulously draw the nose, eyes, and lips. Then, draw out the outline that defines their hair of Rogue. Utilizing moving lines, we have to draw the hair’s lushness. Then, at the end of the process, take out all guidelines that are not needed out of the scalp.

Step 5
Moving slightly to the left, we begin to draw the specifics of the body. We first need to draw out the outline of the jacket. Make sure to draw folds onto the jacket as illustrated in our illustration. After that, using smooth lines, carefully trace the contours of your torso considering all the curvatures that the human body has. Don’t forget to take out any unnecessary lines from the torso.

Step 6
We’ll now move into Rogue’s arms. Rogue. The first step is to draw those sleeves on the jacket. Make sure to draw all folds of the sleeves of the jacket, just as in our illustration. The next step is to draw the forearms and draw them with the help of long, straight lines. Make hands and take out any unnecessary guidelines from arms.

Step 7
In this phase, we’ll draw the body part of Rogue. With the aid of gentle lines here, we sketch out the hips that flow smoothly to the legs. Draw high boots, and all of the details they have as we have shown in our illustration. In order to finish this process take out any unneeded instructions from the sketch.

Step 8
The last step in the course will be the drawing process. Rouge in X-Men In this lesson, typically, we draw shadows. Shadows can be drawn as we did in our illustration, or create darker and more contrasted shadows, as during the course on drawing Spider-Man. To draw shadows like in our illustration, you need to use extremely dense hatching in the areas that are least illuminated in the sketch.

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