How To Draw Roger Rabbit Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Are you willing to draw Roger? Okay, let’s start now. The first thing to create is fundamental shapes as well as lines that will create the frame for the rabbit you’re about to draw. Begin by creating circles for the head. Next, draw lines of guideline to the body, face and the torso.

Step 2

In this section, you’ll begin to sketch out the real face of Roger. As you will see, he sports large eyes and prominent cheeks. The cheeks are as well low. Draw his shoulders, then some of his bow tie.

Step 3.

So, once you’ve created the faces, your next step is time to draw the eye designs and the nose or muzzle of Roger as shown here. Then, draw the arms in detail. Then draw the gloved hand that is in the shape of the shape of a fist.

Step 4

Sketch Roger’s long ears and then sketch and paint his eyebrows. Then draw some crazy eyeballs that look like a tiger, and draw an oval nose. You can also add a beard, as well as draw the outline of his clothing.

Step 5

Roger has a bizarre look in this class, so to make his look crazy, you need to pick out a few things that can help his look. This is the bizarre hair that’s in right in the middle. Once you’ve completed drawing, draw the mouth teeth, tongue, and mouth. You can add some detail to his crotch. Finally, draw the large bunny teeth and paws.

Step 6

To draw the final stage, all you need to do is draw the arms then draw the slings then draw the details all the way to the foot, i.e. the toes. Eliminate the lines and the designs you sketched in step one.

Step 7

Once you’re done and you’ll be left with a stunning sketch like the one you’ve seen here. The only thing left to do is colour it. I hope that you enjoyed this enjoyable lesson on drawing Roger Rabbit.

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