Hello! Today we will draw the family pet Smiths from American Dad An eccentric and colorful alien Roger. It is important to note that this creature appears to be an iconic alien.

Roger Smith – whimsical, romantic, suspicious, and angry (so that he’s sure to feel offended by the writer’s use of the kind of epithets he uses) strange. Let’s begin our drawing class and learn what it takes to draw Roger in the style of an American Dad!

Step 1
Draw an oval and then draw a pair of lines to form an extended, long upwardly diverging shape. The basic shape of the neck and head are drawn out.

Step 2
Draw a few tiny ovals which lie on the diagonal, which will serve as guides of eyes that are almond-shaped.

Step 3
Eliminate the lines and draw eyes that are half-closed (it provides a phlegmatic appearance to the face of Roger). With curved lines, draw the body which looks like an eight figure. Draw the pupils of the eyes and draw three lines on top of the head.

Step 4
Arms of Roger. Take note of the fact that the shoulders and arms are extremely thin while the palms appear large. Draw the thick and long fingers. Draw the thick and short legs like in our example.

Step 5
Remove the guidelines and draw lines in a darker shade to make Roger like in the image below.

We hope that this drawing lesson will help you create Roger Smith from American Dad.

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