How To Draw Rodan

How To Draw Rodan

Step one:

As with all the other steps, the first one is drawing the shapes and guides for Rodan. Start by drawing a shape for the head and later your body’s guide. Finish this step by drawing the lines for the wings and the face.

Step two:

Okay, now you’ll draw the top of Rodan’s head. Then follow the horns.

Step three:

Begin drawing the rest of your face, which includes the mouth, or beak, and the jaw structure. the jaw.

Step four:

Then add the detail to the beak. Then draw the long eye. Add details inside the mouth, and draw the tongue. Make sure you know the definition of the horns as well.

Step four:

We’ll tackle the body in the next step. Draw the form that is like a dress.

Step five:

Begin to draw in your feet and legs followed by clawed feet.

Step six:

What you must do is draw the big wings. Don’t forget to add texture to the wings as well. Make sure to erase any mistakes you’ve made any of the guide.

Step seven:

Here’s an amazing drawing of Rodan who is one of the monsters in Godzilla King of the Monsters. Color Rodan and then show off the artwork. Don’t forget to follow, like comment, share and like.

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