Hello! Today we’ll show you how you can draw the team member from “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Rocket Raccoon!
Most of us are familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy due to the movie that came out in 2014. It was in 1982 when the Rocket Raccoon was first shown in the comics reader’s court from “The Amazing Hulk”.

As you can see, this character appears quite unique, particularly when compared to superheroes, like Spider-Man, The Punisher, and Wolverine. What do you think, about how to draw Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy? Let’s begin the lesson and discover how!

Step 1
As always, we begin by drawing a stickman, a man made from circles and sticks, which we draw to show the proportions of the character, his posture, and his location on the sheet of paper.

The percentages are, obviously, quite different from those of adult men, but here, stickman is much more suited to lessons for very young children. When compared to the head’s body, it appears extremely small. In addition, the head should be characterized by two lines: the vertical lines indicate facial symmetry, while the horizontal line – is for the eye. This bend is essential to get around the slightly tilted posture that the face is in.

Step 2
Before moving on to this step, make sure you verify all the proportions from the previous stage since it is very difficult to correct the errors. With a diamond-shaped outline, we trace the face and then draw the angular lines of the ears. After that, we trace your body’s contours (it appears like an oval) and the groin (looks like the shape of a triangle).

By focusing on the lines of the stickman drawing the outline of arms and weapons. It is difficult to discern the muscles of the Raccoon but we can see the hands themselves are clearly and clearly separated into three distinct parts: armpits, the forearms, and hands (here the palms are tightly clenched; take note of their sizes).

It is still to draw the legs. The upper portions of which look like cylindrical shapes, while the lower (we can see the whole right leg in the case of the Raccoon) is sleeker and less bulky. Be aware of the bends in your lower legs, and attempt to recreate them as accurately as you can. Draw the outline of the tail and then proceed ahead.

Step 3
When the model is complete, you can begin the process of detailing. As always, we begin starting from the top, which is away from our face. With stickman lines, sketch out the positions of the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Take note of the angles of the eyebrows on the right side are slightly sharper than the location on the left this is due to the rotation of the head. In the same way, draw your lines for the ear.

Step 4
In this section of the course on drawing Rocket Raccoons, we finish the head. Draw the hair that is tangled along both sides. Draw small, angry eyes. Draw lips that are parted with tiny teeth.

Step 5
Draw the outline of the body and arms Draw the strap and buckle. The arm contours pay attention particularly to the gloves, as they are extremely high (completely covering your forearm). Draw out the fingers and knuckles, as shown in the illustration below. Also, you can go to the video tutorial on drawing hands for more information.

Step 6
Outlining your tail’s contours. Draw the transverse lines and then paint them over by hatching. It is best to do it in two steps The first step is to sketch outlines of the strips after which you paint the outline. Now, trace the leg lines, and draw sharp, small nails onto the feet.

Step 7
This is the last part of our instruction on drawing Rocket Raccoon. Eliminate any additional guidelines from the silhouette of the hero. Include some details in the clothes of the Raccoon and sketch out the ankle of their left leg of his.

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