How to Draw Roblox -

How to Draw Roblox

How to Draw Roblox

Roblox has taken the gaming world by storm over recent years. It was first introduced in 2006. And its popularity isn’t slowing down.

This game allows users to create their own games, which they can share with friends and strangers.

You might love Roblox and want to make your own fan art.

This guide will teach you how to draw these characters.

We are excited to share this step-by-step guide to drawing Roblox with all of you!

How to Draw Roblox Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw Roblox. It will feature a construction worker.

After mastering this guide, you can always draw more drawings. You could change some details to create your characters.

We will start with the head for now. The head will be drawn in a slightly rounded, square shape.

Next, draw the hard hat he wears. You will need to draw a lot of curves and some details, as you can see in the reference image.

You can move on to the next step once you are satisfied with it.

2nd Step:

This is the second part of your Roblox drawing. You will draw the first arm of the character. This character will be a worker in construction, as we have already mentioned.

He will therefore be holding a hammer in his right hand. His shoulder will be connected to his head very closely, with only a small line connecting the shoulder. You can then use more curve lines to extend the arm upwards.

As shown in the reference image, you can draw the simple hand that holds the hammer. This is it for the part. Let’s move on!

3rd Step:

Roblox characters have a distinctive yet simple look that makes them stand out. This is why we’re adding this step to our guide to how to draw Roblox.

Two small ovals of solid black with a white dot inside each one are enough to draw the eyes. You can then create a smiley mouth using a simple curve line.

After you’ve finished the face , we will draw the beginning of his chest using simple lines. In this image, he is wearing a jacket. You can draw the strings that hang down to his chest.

To have the other arm at his side, draw more curves. The arm you draw will be very similar to the one you did the first time, but it won’t hold anything as the previous one.

4th Step:

This is where we will finish his chest and start his first leg. Start by drawing some lines that outline his chest and waist. You can then add pockets to the stomach of his jacket.

The final step is to draw his first leg. You will use slightly wavy lines. You can then finish by adding his shoe to the bottom of his leg.

5th Step:

While you will soon be coloring your picture, we first have some final details to add to this step of . This guide shows how to draw Roblox. You will need to add the second leg. You should not have any problems adding the other leg to your existing one.

Once you have your leg, you can add the final details. For more texture, add some lines to his sleeves and jacket rims. This will cover the main details of our guide. However, you can always add more!

You could perhaps draw a background that resembles the look of Roblox’s favorite game or level. You can also modify the details to make your Roblox character, as we mentioned at the beginning of this guide. What will you do to finish this image before moving on to the next step?

6th Step:

Once you’ve completed your Roblox drawing you can add amazing colors and other art mediums to bring it to life. This is the step that allows you to let your imagination run wild!

Roblox has many colorful and bizarre characters. This gives you lots of options for how to color it.

You can also experiment with your favorite art mediums and get the colors you desire. We are eager to see the final product in whatever medium and colors you choose!

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