How To Draw Robin Hood – Robinhood the cartoon Fox -

How To Draw Robin Hood – Robinhood the cartoon Fox

How To Draw Robin Hood – Robinhood the cartoon Fox

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

Start with the basics of forms and lines to get started with the creation of your Disney character. Create a circle to form his head, and include body guides. Make sure to include the curvature of his bow.

Step 2

Begin sketching Robin’s face with the snout, and the part of his nose. Draw the eyes next while wearing the same cap.

Step 3

Draw the mouth’s bottom outline and form, and then add specifics to the left ears. Next, trace the right arm that pulls toward the bow, and then draw the body parts, including the shirt and the rest.

Step 4

Complete the hat with a feather and then draw the archer like the one above. Draw out the right hand and arm Then make some small details on the collar.

Step 5

Draw the bottom half of Robin’s shirt. begin to outline the legs. They should be soft since it’s a fox. Put on a belt and keep going.

Step 6

To complete the persona, all you need to do is draw the outline of Robin’s tail and draw the other legs and shoes in the same way. Remove the basic shapes and principles that you sketched in step 1.

Step 7

After you’re done This is what Robin will appear to be. Look at how great he appears. Coloring him, and you’re finished sketching your own Disney character.

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