How To Draw Rob Zombie Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Let’s try to just eliminate Rob. Begin with a circle as the head guide, and then sketch out the guide to the face.

Step 2

Instead of sketching the facial structure first, we’ll sketch the lines that run around the face of Rob. Begin at the top of your head, at the base, then begin to work out your hair. The hair that frames his face should be wavy layers and long.

Step 3

You will now take your time as you begin drawing the eyes. Instead of drawing the contour of the eyes and lashes, you’ll make the dark eye area until you’ve created an eye that appears like an open space. Once you’re done, you’ll add an eye’s bridge. and then draw large deep cuts across the forehead, below the eyes, as well as around the eyebrows. Make sure not to make an X between the eyes in this manner and proceed to step 4 when you’re finished.

Step 4

Complete drawing a nose and then, right under the nose, you can begin to draw a mustache , and a beard that is long. Include the lips and mouth, then draw some lines around the lips. The beard should be long and curly You should be able to keep track of the details until the beard is almost to the drawing that you can see here.

Step 5

The drawing will be completed by drawing the rest of Rob Zombie’s haircut. Make sure you take the time to draw each hair strand, and you will see that Rob Zombie has a fully-grown head. Once you feel you’ve drawn the manner you see in this picture You can then begin working on the drawing until the highest level of perfection.

Step 6

Here’s the stroke to color when you’re finished. Color in Rob how he appears on the album covers. I hope you had a blast people. I’m sure you achieved a fantastic job.

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