The tv show The Walking Dead at one time became a hit, becoming among the top renowned television shows of all time. We’re going to teach you ways to draw Rick Grimes – one of the main characters in the show.

Step 1
Let’s begin with sketching out the skull that was Rick Grimes. Then, we draw an oval to represent the head as well as an easy outline of the spine. In this area, we draw the chest as well as the pelvis. Utilizing the same basic lines, we sketch out the legs and arms that comprise Rick Grimes.

Step 2
It was the skull that was Rick Grimes, and now we must add “flesh” to his body. Draw those lines that define the symmetry on the face, and the outline of the neck. Following that we sketch the outline for the bodies of the murderer or dead. In the final step, we draw the legs and arms using simple geometric forms.

Step 3
We created a mannequin based on Rick Grimes. Let’s sketch out the most important features. Beginning with the head, sketch out the outline of the features of the face as well as curly hair. Then, we sketch the lines of pants, shirt belts, pockets, and belts on clothing.

Step 4
Beginning with this step from this point, we’ll draw Rick Grimes with clear and dark lines. The first step is to draw the face and draw out the contours of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, draw the outline of hairstyles curly and face. taking away any unnecessary guidelines from the head.

Step 5
We then move down a bit and draw our neck’s lines. Then, we draw the outline of the collar as well as the remainder of the shirt. Make sure to draw the pockets and folds in the shirt worn by the murderer or dead like your artists have done. Remove Rick’s body by removing any unnecessary guidelines.

Step 6
The next step is to draw the arms. Draw the outline of the arms using sharp black lines and darker ones. Note that unlike other characters on our website, Rick Grimes should not be too tall. Draw the essential specifics and eliminate any unnecessary rules from Grimes’ arms. Grimes.

Step 7
Then, using gentle lines, we draw the contours of our pants and take into consideration all folds as illustrated in our example. At the same time make sure to draw the shoes carefully and then remove any unnecessary guidelines from the legs of Rick Grimes.

Step 8
The sketch of Rick Grimes is almost complete The only thing we need to do is to add shadows to make our drawing appear larger in size. First, we identify the source of light and then add shadows using the help of quite a dense hatching in less-lit regions.

We hope that this drawing lesson helped you learn what it takes to draw Rick Grimes. In the near future we’ll draw the rest of the main characters from The Walking Dead, so visit our website often and try so that you don’t miss this or other drawing tutorials.

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