Hello, dear artists! You’ve probably seen the name of the singer the name of Rick Astley. For those who do not are aware, Rick Astley – a famous singer from the 1980s who performed songs that resembled synth pop. Let’s begin our drawing class and learn what it takes to draw Rick Astley step by step.

Step 1
First, draw an oval, to serve as an example for the head. This is the point where the design is quite similar to that of the Head that is Spider-Man. The lines are drawn to show facial symmetry. The vertical line is the central point of the face as well as the horizontal one helps us draw the eyes. The lines should be aligned at the center of the face.

Step 2
With a cylinder, trace the neck. Sketch out the form of the body. By drawing circles, draw shoulders. Draw out the arms by using cylindrical cylinders. Each arm is made up of two cylinders that are identical in dimensions. Draw the outline for hands. hands.

Step 3
Utilizing two lines that have a slight curvature, draw the eyes closed which are located in the line vertical of the earlier step. Make brows that are above the eyes.

Step 4
When drawing Rick Astley, you must be aware that he sports extremely soft facial characteristics. With a slightly curving line, draw the nose, like in our illustration. In the middle of the nose draw an open mouth.

Step 5
Draw the ear, which is situated on the line between the eyes. Sketch the contours of your cheekbone, jaw, and chin. Eliminate the guidelines. Draw a hairstyle with high volume as an example.

Step 6
Draw the jacket’s silhouette and its collar. Draw the shape of the mic.

Step 7
By drawing curved lines, you can draw the details of the hairstyle. Remove the lines from the body. Draw your fingers and add folds of fabric to the clothing.

It was a drawing lesson in which we teach you the art of drawing Rick Astley. If you’ve drawn something that’s not right We would like you to keep in mind that you’ll never give up, and continue making drawings. Goodbye!

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