This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw Richard, the Stork using the animated movie. Richard is a sparrow who has adventures with Olga, Kiki, and other friends.

Step 1
First, draw the shapes for the head and torso as an oval.

Step 2
Two intersecting lines will be used to help you draw the face. Draw the tail, legs, and wings.

Step 3
Draw the eyes using the horizontal lines drawn on the face. The pupils should be drawn first. Draw the beak right at the intersection of these lines.

Step 4
Draw the lines around the head and erase any unnecessary ones. Draw your hair and brows.

Step 5
Draw the lines of your torso. The legs should be thicker. Mark the feathers’ outline with short strokes.

Step 6
You can paint the pupils and leave glares. Draw the feathers on the tail and wings.

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