How To Draw Rey From Star Wars

How To Draw Rey From Star Wars

Step one:

Start by drawing the head guide shape and then draw the facial guidelines. Once you’ve completed that, you can draw shoulder and neck guidelines.

Step two:

The next step is to determine the facial shape as follows you can also add an ear shape as well as the hairline.

Step three:

Follow the guidelines for drawing facial features to draw the eyes of Rey’s. Once you’ve done that, draw her eyebrows, and don’t draw them yet. After that, you can include details in her ear.

Step four:

Let’s draw the form of Ren’s nose, and then draw in her large or full-faced lips. Remember the cheek bump, clef, and the definition of the sides of her face.

Step five:

Draw the form of the head with greater detail. Then sketch the curls hanging over her head. After you’ve finished the head, you can draw lines for strands.

Step six:

Complete Rey on the right track by sketching the contour of her neck. Then draw her shoulders, torso as well as the layers of clothing that comprise her look. Remove the mistakes and guidelines and you’re finished.

Step seven:

Here’s the completed drawing , also known as line art. You can now begin coloring Rey in.

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