Hello dear artists! We present to you today the first lesson on drawing a Power Ranger. This lesson will be in anime style, as you may have noticed.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the skeleton. The head should be marked in an oval shape. Next, mark the spine, thorax, and pelvis. Draw the arms and legs using simple lines.

Step 2
Draw the outline for the helmet. Draw the outline of the helmet’s torso, tapering at the waist. Next, draw the arms and legs with the cylinders. Then, use circles to sketch the shoulders, elbows, and knees.

Step 3
Let’s move on to the helmet. It’s very unusual. It is very unusual.

Step 4
Draw the trapezoids, pectoral muscles, and abdominals. All lines that are not necessary should be removed from the torso.

Step 5
Let’s now get to the arms. Draw the arm muscles such as the deltoids and triceps. Next, draw the gloves.

Step 6
Now, we will do the same things but this time with our legs. Next, draw the muscles of your legs like the quadriceps or calf muscles. Next, draw the shoes and knees. Next, draw some folds and erase any lines.

Step 7
This is a very easy step that allows us to draw very basic details. Draw rhombuses using intersecting lines on the chest, gloves, and boots.

Step 8
Now it’s time for shadows. The shadows will be drawn using manga and comic styles. Draw the outline of the shadows first, then paint them fully.

The lesson on drawing the Mighty Ranger has ended. Don’t forget to share the drawing lesson with your friends and subscribe to us via social media.


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