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It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Realistic Kitten, Realistic Cat Drawing

Step 1

These are sketches of the various facial shapes that the human face is able to draw. As you can see, there is nine different kinds of facial structures and all of them have a shape that are unique to them. Take a look at this drawing to determine which one best fits your face. I’m guessing I have an oval face.

Step 2
Here’s a sketch of three possible head postures that your real person may display as you draw your character. There’s a head-on pose from the front, side and three-quarter angles.

Step 3
I’d like to describe the diagram in more detail although I already wrote it out for you in the sketch. The eyes on the side profile only have only half. A lot of artists miss this by painting the complete eye. In a glance the face is adorned with lots of detail. There is a hint of cheek, as seen here as well as a distinct line for nasal bridge. All of these elements are crucial in order to make the face appear as real as is possible. Examine this sketch until understand the concept.

Step 4
As you will see in this drawing I’ve sketched three different body positions. One of them is a female The middle one is one of a man and the final one is an Skeleton. As you can see , the parts are accurately drawn.

Step 5
In this section I will demonstrate how to draw realistic characters by gender. There are many distinctions and details that you need to master in order to draw realistically. It is possible that males are more difficult to draw as their shapes look like curving lines. Men, unlike women, are characterized by a box-shaped physique. I had a difficult time keeping their physiques in sync with their bodies. Follow the steps and you’ll be able to see the things to pay attention to when drawing realistic characters.

Step 6
Similar to other features of the face, there are a variety of different eyes and expressions. Some artists have difficulty figuring what to do with eyes. Here’s a diagram I sketched from the various eyes styles and types. Asian angry, Asian, and the top left are my top three choices.

Step 7
Similar to eye, noses come in a variety of kinds of noses. Drawing a realistic-looking nose can sometimes be difficult. One of the most difficult things to me, when it comes to drawing the nose is making it appear as the person I’m drawing. Remember, the shape, size and design of the nose have to match the face shape of the face.

Step 8
What are we going to do in the lesson? Begin making two circular drawings that represent the heads of males and women you’re about to draw. Then draw the lines of the guide on the face. Then, try to make sure your guides are drawn the as you can see them here.

Step 9
You will now begin to outline the eyes of female and male faces. After you’ve finished, you can trace the sides of your nose in the same way.

Step 10
Select the face shape you believe best fits your head’s shape. Then, after you have the face structure chosen, start drawing the shape on the face of both. Then draw the eyeball, then the nostril, and finally the top portion of the mouth, or lips.

Step 11
Then you can begin drawing realistically. Begin by adding color to the eyes, and then outline the eyebrows. Then, draw the outline of the ear as well as other parts of your mouth. Apply some shading to cheeks of the male and for the women’s eyelashes. After that you can draw the neck shape and hairstyle. You are free to choose the style you want, but the hairstyle you select is acceptable.

Step 12
After all is said and done, this is the way your ideal self will appear. You are able to color them or let the real you draw the drawing. I hope you enjoyed yourself in this class However, most important, I hope that you gained something new today.

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