How to Draw Realistic Mushrooms with Pencil

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

How to Draw Chibi Chewbacca

Step 1

Draw two vertical lines to represent the mushroom. Draw this using an HB pencil or #2. Be sure to draw it in the same way as in the photo.

Step 2

Draw two red oblongs to determine the size of the caps.

Step 3

Don’t make me think of… the image appears like a misaligned soccer ball imitating the soccer ball. You can draw the curves. They’re not exactly the same, so keep an watch on the area the places where the curves “V” together.

Step 4

It is possible to draw two lines that curve in the first Oblong shape. Make sure to include the half circle in the second oval. The reason you have these lines is to facilitate pattern positioning and orientation.

Step 5

Draw the cap as well as the stem on the initial one by using shadow lines.

Step 6

I performed this step in a separate way so that you can concentrate upon the model in scale. These guidelines will assist you to understand the curvature of this model. It is not necessary to be perfect in their form.

Step 7

Then draw the stem and cap of the second one. Be sure to get the adorable umbrella-shaped overhang from the cap around the root.

Step 8

We’re almost finished. There’s a reason for why the curves don’t appear to be at the middle. The included torso lets the gills of the fish to be displayed as if they were an Ringling Bros. See the guidelines’ guide to help get organized. Note: I didn’t draw the same amount of bearing as the image of reference. I lowered them in order to lessen confusion and the amount of clutter.

Step 9

This line drawing was created specifically for you if do not want to perform the shading and blending in pencil. If not, we can continue the drawing with pencil.

Step 10

Here’s a sketch made using an 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Take a close look and determine whether your lines appear like this. You can erase them if certain regions like your nose or eyes aren’t aligned. Utilize your kneaded eraser as well as kneaded erasers to erase shadow contours and dark lines to create an authentic look when shade. Shade shifts from dark to light (or in reverse) must be smooth…no sharp lines. Take your time it’s not as hard as you might think. When you create more pictures this will be more easily to you.

Step 11

The Acrylics took the win this time! Sandpaper, the newest kid on the block , has to lean on my incredible Titanium White or Opaque Watercolors to make sure they hit the highlights! Yaaah! Try it and you’ll be awestruck!

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