How to Draw Rath from Ben 10 -

How to Draw Rath from Ben 10

How to Draw Rath from Ben 10

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Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

His body and frame will appear swollen because you are drawing a large character. Begin by drawing the outline of his head and body. Make sure the shapes are connected. Next, draw the lines that define the body positions for the frame.

Step 2

Draw a simple, symmetrical face for Rath. Next, add the eyebrows that look slightly wrinkled at top. Draw the jawline and the line of your mouth.

Step 3

Add the eyes and nose. Then, add the two fangs at the top. The shoulders should look strong. Next, draw the chest or torso.

Step 4

Next, draw a muscular outline of the arms and shoulders. Rath’s limbs are very frightening. You can draw tiger stripes once you have drawn his arm and shoulder. To hold the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, you’ll draw a chain around his neck.

Step 5

Draw the waistline and complete the outline of your body. After you are done, add the stomach marker as shown here. Finally, add the tiger stripes. Draw his gigantic hand and his claws. Draw the Omnitrix icon.

Step 6

This is the final part of the tutorial. Draw the outline of the thighs, and the bottom of your legs. Next, paint your feet with the same liner.

Step 7

Draw the crotch, and then finish the legs. Draw the rest of your foot and add some detail to the leg. You can erase the lines and shapes that you created in step 1.

Step 8

Rath will look like she is here when you are done. You can now color Rath and label it as a completed drawing of Rath. Bravo, guys!

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