We recently decided to make a series of drawing lessons based on the characters from the well-known Simpsons series. In the first of these lessons, we sketched chief Wiggum who is a cartoon officer from The Simpsons. In this lesson, we will learn to draw Ralph Wiggum we will draw his not-so-smart son.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out the head and body that comprise Ralph Wiggum in the form of two circles.

Step 2
Then, using the aid of extremely easy lines and geometric shapes We sketch out legs and arms.

Step 3
With two circular shapes, trace the eye’s outline and the pupils within the eyes.

Step 4
Then, go up to the top of the head and draw the hair in the length of your hair and with slightly curly lines.

Step 5
A simple process where we draw the outline of the face as well as the smaller ears.

Step 6
This part will be more challenging, where we trace Ralph’s nose. a hand in his nose, and a smiling mouth.

Step 7
Another step that is very easy involves drawing the neckline and outline of the collar.

Step 8
With the aid of smooth, slightly curly lines, trace the outline of Ralph’s arm and belly.

Step 9
Draw the belt out The lower part of the torso as well as the pants are slightly wider downwards.

Step 10
Another very easy procedure in which we make the simple footwear of Wiggum junior.

On the site, we’ve published almost all of the less or more important characters from The Simpsons. There are however many lesser recognized characters from this amazing series, so tell us with suggestions for other characters you want to see featured on our website. Your feedback is valuable to us. So, let us know your thoughts about our website as well as the drawing lessons we develop.

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