How to Draw Rajah from Aladdin

How to Draw Rajah from Aladdin

Step one:

Hey guys make a circle for Rajah’s head and sketch the facial contours.

Step two:

Then, you will begin to draw the outline of the face. These arches on the top will be for the eyebrows and also the region where his eyes are drawn.

Step three:

Like I said to draw the shape of the eyes . Then trace the markings around the eyes. Make sure that there are strong or dark linings on the top on the eyeball. Then, you can employ guidelines for drawing facial features the broad form of Rajah’s nose, and draw the contours for the muzzle or lips.

Step four:

It is possible to draw your cheeks and the chin. The chin should be more prominent since the view of Rajah is supposed to be close and personal. When you’ve got the mouth of Rajah drawn and drew, you can include his stripes made of tiger.

Step five:

In the final drawing stage, all you need complete is to sketch the ears of the cartoon character like you see that they are squarely and rounded. Once you’ve drawn the ears proceed to tidy up your drawing by erasing any guides and any mistakes that are visible.

Step six:

That’s it. It’s done. Color Rajah’s face and show others that have just learned to draw on


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