Hello, everybody! This drawing lesson is one we have chosen to dedicate to one of the characters in My Little Pony, namely the pony Rainbow Dash.  Let’s begin with the lesson and discover the art of drawing Rainbow Dash.

Step 1
Begin by drawing an oval on the upper right-hand corner of the sheet. This oval represents the head of our pony…

Step 2
Draw an oval over the horizontal line, this is called the eye.

Step 3
Draw the figure like in our illustration, and use it as to provide a reference for the torso.

Step 4
Utilizing a couple of lines join the head with the body. Draw out the nose and mouth as we did in our example.

Step 5
Continue drawing pony. With curved ovals, sketch out the legs.

Step 6
Draw the outline of the ears. Draw the hairline like in our illustration. Draw the eyelashes and create glare within the eyes.

Step 7
Paint the pupils of the eyes. Draw the rest of the hair like in our example.

Step 8
Eliminate the guidelines and unneeded strokes. Mark the lines and make them smooth and clean.

Step 9
Draw the leg that isn’t drawn and the tail.

Step 10
Draw lines on the hair and the tail by drawing long lines and smooth lines.

Step 11
In this stage, we draw one of the primary distinguishing characteristics of the Rainbow Dash – the wings. They must be placed on the rear of the Rainbow Dash, right behind the mane.

Step 12
The final part of the tutorial, in which we draw clouds on the left side of the Rainbow Dash.

The lesson was that focused on drawing Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Keep us in mind – we have plenty of difficult drawing lessons!

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