How to Draw Rain -

How to Draw Rain

How to Draw Rain

There are many weather types, and each person has their preferred. Some people prefer a sunny day for exploring the outdoors, while others like to read a book and drink hot chocolate.

Artwork that depicts weather is often used to express affection for it. You might want to learn how you can draw rain if you enjoy a rainy day.

This guide has everything you need!

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw rain. You’ll have a lot of fun drawing rain on a rainy day!

1st Step:

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw rain. But we won’t just be drawing rain. In this first step, we’ll also draw the rain cloud.

This is done by connecting many curved lines to each other in the cloud.

This picture will have three clouds total. We will only draw the tops for the first two.

2nd Step:

In this step of your rain drawing, we will continue to build on the clouds. We will begin by drawing a small cloud in front of the photo. As with the others, we will only draw the top.

Next, finish the outline of your larger cloud from the previous step. This is it for the first step. Now you can move on to the next!

3rd Step:

The third step in our guide to drawing rain is about finishing the outline of the clouds before you start drawing the actual rain.

This is done by simply drawing bumpier lines for the two remaining clouds you have not drawn before.

You can also follow our reference image to replicate the look. However, you may want to modify the cloud structure a little. Next, we will draw the rain.

4th Step

After you’ve completed the first step of this rain drawing, now it is time to start drawing rain. Although this step is fairly straightforward, you have the option to modify it to suit your needs.

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