How to Draw Rafiki Simple

How to Draw Rafiki Simple

Step one:

Start by drawing an oval shape guide to draw the head and face and then draw the guidelines for facial features.

Step two:

With the help of your guide follow the guide and sketch out the initial design of Rafiki’s face.

Step three:

Then you will begin to create the brow area, and a portion of the head as you can see in this picture.

Step four:

Rafiki is a dome-shaped head. So, go ahead and draw the head shape . Then add small hair tufts to the top. It is also possible to draw wrinkle lines across the forehead too. After that, you can draw the shape of the ear canals and then draw the lining and the shape that the nostrils take. You can observe that, the nose bridge is initially thin and expands as it approaches the base where the nostrils are.

Step five:

Mandrills are characterized by raised ridges on the cheeks on both sides of the face. Go ahead and draw the curved lines . Then, draw the forms that the eyes take, as well as the lids and even color certain pupils. It is also possible to draw the tips of the nose as well.

Step six:

This one is likely to be perhaps the hardest. The only thing you need to draw is the rest of Rafiki’s hair and face, which is nearly completely hairless. It is also necessary to draw the lower part of the face that includes the jaw and mouth. Remove the mistakes and the guidelines once you’re completed.

Step seven:

That’s it. When your drawing is completed, you’ll be able to enjoy coloring Rafiki in. I hope you have loved this exercise. Please share, like, and comment.

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