How to Draw Ra (Egyptian god ra)

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw She Ra Step by Step

1. Draw an eye.

Begin by drawing the beak of a falcon to the forehead of the Egyptian god.

2. Nemes drawing.

The extension of the curves in the beginning section will create the top of Ra’s head.

3. Details.

Draw the design of the headdress worn by the pharaoh as illustrated in the illustration.

4. Second aspect.

Draw the second piece the same way.

5. Include an eye.

Drawing Ra’s eyes oval.

6. Early Samples.

Draw on the head of falcon, an Egyptian god using the entire pattern.

7. Torso.

Start to shape your body by drawing lines of waist and shoulders.

8. Make the arm movements.

Make the arms long of god.

9. The skirt should be drawn.

Draw the dress that was worn by the people of the past of Egypt.

10. Hand drawn by hand.

Draw the hand, describing your fingers on one hand as illustrated in the example.

11. Legs are drawn.

Draw your leg for the mythical god , as depicted in the example.

12. Details of the garment.

Make bracelets for Ra’s legs and arms along with a neck, draw an ordinary Egyptian collar.

13. Draw the sun’s disk.

The head is the god Draw a circle of the sun with two circles.

14. Draw an elk.

Sur the front of the mask Ra Make a drawing of Uraeus as the goddess of cobra Wadjet.

15. Scepter and Ankh.

Draw a scepter on the hands of Ra as well as the Ankh on the opposite.

16. Dot ink.

Before coloring, trace the outline of your sketch using an ink marker or pencil. If there’s no source nearby, draw it with a tiny brush and then paint it black.

17. Color your artwork.

Your sketching work is completed, all you need to do is to color the sketch and your Ra’s drawing will be complete!

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