Welcome to the drawing tutorial. Learn how to draw Quicksilver. Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff), is a Marvel Comics character and superhero. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. His first appearance in X-Men #4 was in March 1964. As you may know, Pietro Maximoff was born to Magneto. He is also a brother to Scarlet Witch.

Step 1
Let’s begin as usual with the most basic, starting from the Quicksilver’s skeleton. Our character today is in an unusual position. He runs in our direction so his proportions are slightly distorted. Draw the head as an oval. Next, draw the spine, thorax, and pelvis. The limbs should be drawn at the end of each step.

Step 2
We need to increase the volume of Pietro Maximoff’s figure. We now sketch the torso. This goes into the pelvis, and then onto the legs. Draw the arms and shoulders. You will notice that the Quicksilver’s right-hand looks large because of the perspective. The legs look small due to the smaller size of the Quicksilver’s legs.

Step 3
Draw the eyes along the horizontal line drawn in the previous step. The frown eyebrows should be drawn above the eyes. Next, draw the nose and mouth. The perspective features make it appear that the head is too low.

Step 4
Continue to draw the head of Quicksilver. Draw the jaw out and shape the chin. Draw the ears on the sides of your head. The neckline should be drawn at the end of this step.

Step 5
This step will finish the drawing of Quicksilver’s head. Here is where we will create his iconic hairstyle. The long bang should be drawn using long, curved lines. Next, draw the rest of the hair using short strokes.

Step 6
Now we will draw the torso for our superhero. Draw a few curved trapezoids. Next, draw the deltoid rounded that runs into the pectoral muscles. The lightning, the most iconic element of the costume, is drawn at the end of this step.

Step 7
Continue with the lesson on drawing Quicksilver. The arms and lines of the muscles should be drawn in the same manner as the example. Draw the fists carefully. To learn more, visit the drawing lesson on how you draw hands.

Step 8
Draw the pelvis (rather than the classic superhero shorts layered on top of the pants). Next, draw the legs. Make sure you don’t add too much detail to the legs. This is important to create the illusion of rapid movement in stage 2.

Step 9
We can add some shadows using short strokes. You can now achieve ultrafast running with the use of straight and long lines.

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