How To Draw Quarantine Lovers

How To Draw Quarantine Lovers

Step one:

Begin by sketching the body lines for the two figures.

Step two:

After that, you can make the gas mask for the girl, and the beak form for the boy.

Step three:

Then, proceed to make the cape for the boy.

Step four:

Then, draw the details for the cloak, and finally the arm that is holding the dandelions that have wilted.

Step five:

Then, you can draw the boy’s face as well as the flower petals and feet.

Step six:

Then, draw the gas mask of the girl! Begin with the eye first, then draw the details later on.

Step seven:

Draw the hair detail and the straps for your mask as well.

Step eight:

Let’s begin drawing the lower part of the body for the girl with her hand reaching out for the flower.

Step nine:

Finally, you can fill in the background in whatever way you want! Or , you could sketch what I did.

Step ten:

After you’re satisfied with your design If you’re satisfied with your drawing, you’ll get something similar to this! Thank you for taking the time to look at it the guys!

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