This lesson will teach you how to draw Bingo and Rolly from Puppy Dog Pals. Puppy Dog Pals, a Disney children’s TV series, is coming soon. Puppy Dog Pals, a Disney children’s TV series, is coming soon. This series follows two adorable puppies who go on various adventures together.

Step 1
We will start by sketching the basic shapes of the puppies. Draw the heads in the form of circles, and the bodies in the shape of curved ovals.

Step 2
Draw the ears and eyebrows of our Puppy Dog Pals. Draw the oval-shaped eyes below the eyebrows. Draw the nose and mouth.

Step 3
Draw the legs and tails for our Puppy Dog Pals. This isn’t the only lesson about cartoon dogs. We also have a lesson about How To Draw Max from The Secret Life of Pets.

Step 4
Remove all unnecessary guides from the heads. As in the example, draw the outline of the heads as well as the facial features.

Step 5
Draw the eyes. Make circles around the pupils and paint them.

Step 6
Remove all guides remaining from the bodies. You will need to remove the legs, torsos, and tails of Bingo or Rolly.

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