Hi! Today we’ll sketch one of the most sinister and brutal characters of Marvel Universal. We are delighted to give you a tutorial in drawing Punisher. The real name of Punisher was Frank Castle. The tale of this man is tragic — Frank suffered the loss of his entire family members when they were involved in a shootout that was arranged by criminals. After that, Frank began to take down the criminals, gangsters, and other criminals in the most brutal manner.

Step 1
The first step is drawing a stickman. Take a look at the post where we explained what you can sketch Captain America. The first step in this lesson is to learn the basic rules for drawing a human form.

Step 2
The first step is to draw the neck. it appears like a short circular cylinder that acts as a support for the head. Next, draw the large circles on the upper part of your arms. These circles represent the deltoid muscles. This is then connected to the neck. Let’s make the hands. Take a look at the diagram in which we’ve marked the major muscles of the shoulder the forearm, as well as the fists.

The Deltoid muscle of the shoulder;
Biceps muscle. This muscle is located on the side that is opposite the shoulder.
Triceps muscle. The muscle is located on the outside of the shoulder. The triceps muscles form the entire exterior shoulder’s contour;
Forearm. This arm is thicker below the elbow.
The fists. They look like pentagons. Be aware of the gun’s shape – the contours of this gun are made up of straight lines.

Then, draw the body. It’s broad at the top, and it tapers towards the pelvis. The trunk at the top is wide enough for huge chest muscles as well as the dorsal latissimus.

Okay, let’s sketch the contours of the legs. The outline of the foot was drawn:

The Femur. The most important muscles include the quadriceps thigh muscle (front region) Biceps femoris, quadriceps thigh muscle ( (back aspect) as well as the muscles of the medial side. These muscles appear to be simple exterior shapes without any details.
It is the knee joint. On the outside of the joint covered by the patella the small, round bone
The shin. The shin has a thickening below the surface. The thickening is due to robust and established calf muscles;
The feet. There are only a few long figures.

The next step involves drawing the face. The first step is to draw the vertical line of facial symmetry. Next, draw a line that identified the hair’s location. Below that line is a slightly curving eye line. Below you will observe the lines of the nose and the month.

Step 3
Okay, let’s continue drawing Punisher in Marvel. This part will be extremely small, particularly after the last step. Let’s look at the face. There is a crucial rule that says the upper edge of the ear should align with the eyebrows and the lower part should be in line with the nose’s tip.

In our instance, the head of the Punisher has been tilted downwards, which means that the tops of the ears are higher than the eyebrows, with the bottom just above the nose’s tip. Take a look at the close-up

The general plan

Step 4
It’s time to draw the final details of the face of the Punisher. Begin by drawing the hair. Don’t forget that the correct way to draw it is from roots to ends. Draw the eyes, as well as the wrinkles in between them (see close-up):

The plan goal:

Step 5
Okay, let’s draw the body of the Punisher. The first step is to darken the lines between the neck and shoulders. Then create a slave that looks like oblique lines that are short. Then sketch the skulls of the Punisher.

Step 6
Remove all lines that are unnecessary from your hands. It’s easy to do if you know how to look at the muscles of the hand that are the primary focus (look for the 2nd step). However, drawing the palms hand drawing isn’t an easy task so we came up with these strategies:


Take a look at Punisher as a general strategy:

Step 7
The tutorial continues and we gave you instructions on what to draw in Punisher step-by-step. Then we’ll draw darker contours on the legs. In this process, we will also make folds in the skin on the boots.

Okay, let’s conclude this tutorial. There is a next stage where we draw shadows. As you can see, sketching the shadows involves two phases:

Then draw the contours of shadows, then draw lines within them:

Then, you can paint these areas black. It is possible to make use of black crayons or soft lead pencil

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