Our website is filled with drawing tutorials on famous superheroes, such as Wolverine as well as Spider-Man. Today, we’d like to draw lesser-known characters from comics with the lesson on drawing Puck of Marvel.
Step 1
Let’s begin with the Skeletal structure. As you can see, it is a rather large and low-lying body The skeleton will also be quite bulky. In the beginning, we trace out the skull, which is the spinal line that is where the thorax and pelvis are situated. With simple lines, sketch out the legs and arms.
Step 2
Then, using the aid of basic geometric figures, sketch out an arm, torso, and legs. Keep in mind that the character should be extremely low and wide, as seen in our illustration. In addition, the lines in the initial three steps must be extremely light, meaning that later on, it is easy to erase the lines.
Step 3
In this stage, we’ll sketch out the specifics of the face. . With the aid of gentle lines, sketch the contours of the mask and the ears underneath the mask.
Step 4
Beginning with this step, we’ll use both dark and clear lines. By using these lines, we can draw the features of the face and outline the facial mask.
Step 5
Let’s now move to the body. It has been stated repeatedly, that this figure is wide and small Therefore, we draw the outline of a broad pectoral muscle as well as a wide torso. Take away all guidelines that are unnecessary from the body. On the chest, draw an enormous” P” “P” and go to the next step.
Step 6
Let’s now look at those arms that our protagonist wears. With the aid of straight and clean lines, draw the outline of the deltoids, biceps muscles of the triceps, and forearm. Be sure to sketch out the contours of your hand and then remove any unnecessary lines from the arms.
Step 7
With the aid of smooth and clear lines, sketch out the outline of the muscles on the legs, as well as the outlines of knee joints. Also, draw the outlines of the boot. Finally, remove any unnecessary guidelines off the legs.
Step 8
In the final part of the tutorial on drawing Puck of Marvel, we draw shadows. Utilizing thin and light lines, you draw hairs on your arms. Then, we draw the contours of the shadows and then apply the shadows in black. To create transitions between shadow and light make use of thick hatching.

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