Hello dear artists. The category “Comics” is among the biggest categories on our site because it’s packed with drawing tutorials on many different characters as well as superheroes. In this lesson, we’ll teach the user the art of drawing Psylocke of Marvel.

Step 1
Like all drawing lessons, we start with the sketch of the character’s skeleton. As usual, we’ll move from the top to the bottom. Begin by sketching out the head in the shape of an oval. Then draw a long spine. Then draw the chest as well as the pelvis. By using simple lines, draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Let’s create the face of Psylocke more full. Draw two lines across the head: a horizontal line for the eyes, and one vertical line to enhance the face’s symmetry. Sketch the neck as well as the torso, which narrows towards the waist and expands towards the hips. Draw the legs and arms using simple geometric designs.

Step 3
Let’s sketch out the major aspects of this Psylocke drawing. Begin by drawing your eyes, nose, and lips. To draw them properly, you must use the lines that intersect from earlier steps.

Step 4
Beginning with this step, we’ll draw black and white lines. Create the nose, eyes, and pouty lips. In the final step, draw the outline of the hair, then erase the lines.

Step 5
Continue to follow the guide on drawing Psylocke. With dark and smooth lines, draw the outline of the body. Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines. the torso and draw the specifics of the garment.

Step 6
With smooth and clear lines, trace the arms. The arms should be drawn with the specifics of the garment like long straps and gloves. Make those hands resting on the hips.

Step 7
Moving on towards the lower body of Psylocke. Like in the previous step, using straight lines, draw lines around the length of your legs. Draw the knees, as well as line the muscles on the legs. After the step, draw boots, and straps for the legs, and hang the end of the belt.

Step 8
The sketch of Psylocke is nearly complete. In this case, we’ll require painting clothes and hair black and leaving the appearance of glare. In this case, we’ll need to paint our hair and clothing black, leaving the appearance of glare. To make it easier start by drawing the outlines of the highlights. Then paint the area black.

It was a class on drawing Psylocke step-by-step. Are you looking to learn how to draw any of the possible superheroes?

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