We believe that one of the most intelligent and appealing comic characters is Professor Charles Xavier, the leader, and creator of X-Men. We’ve created drawing tutorials for all the well-known characters from the X-Men squad, and now we’re going to show the reader the art of drawing Professor X.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the skull that is Professor X. The first step is to sketch Charles’ head. Charles Then draws a line around the spine. On this, we’ll draw the pelvis and the thorax. Then, outline bent legs and bent arms using extremely simple and light lines. It is important to keep in mind that the lines used in this step must be drawn using very simple lines.

Step 2
Draw two lines that intersect in the middle of the facial area. Then, we sketch the neck and outline of the body. Utilizing simple geometric shapes, we draw the outline of the legs and arms. Be aware that body parts must not be too big, as Professor X doesn’t require huge muscles to be the most powerful mutant.

Step 3
At the same time, it is a simple but challenging step. We will have to sketch the outline of the chair for Professor X. The first step is to sketch out the handles in front of the professor. Then, draw the armrests beneath the arms as well as the outline of the large wheels. After the step, we draw the footplates.

Step 4
Beginning with this step, we’ll use the most black and clear lines. Start by drawing the head, and putting the eyes along the horizontal line that we traced in the previous step. We then draw eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

Step 5
The next step is to draw the specifics that make up the skull. Begin by taking your time to sketch out the outline of the upper portion that is the top of the head. This includes as well as the outline of the jaw, and the ear. Then, draw the outlines of the neck. Then, at the end of the procedure, eliminate any unnecessary guidance off the head.

Step 6
The next step is to move to the upper torso. Begin by carefully drawing out the outline of the collar of the shirt and the long tie. Then, draw the outline of the collars and shoulders that are on your jacket. Make sure you remove any unnecessary lines from the torso.

Step 7
In continuation of the shoulder lines, we’ll need to draw the outline of our sleeves. Make sure to draw out the seams on your shoulders as well as the buttons on the sleeves. Then, using thin lines draw folds that are in the region that stretch and compress the tissue.

Step 8
Utilizing dark and clear lines, trace the handles that are behind the back of the professor. Then, draw carefully hands taking into consideration the contours of all knuckles as well as bent fingers. To learn more, check out the tutorial on drawing hands.

Step 9
We will now look at the lower section of the human body. In this area, we’ll need to draw a plaid upon the sides of Professor X. Utilizing straight lines and long curves, draw the folds on the fabric while considering the leg folds beneath the plaid.

Step 10
With straight lines, carefully sketch out the armrests and the large wheels. If drawing the wheels, attempt to make them smooth and round. At the same time, you draw an edge on the lower part of your pants and then remove any unnecessary guides.

Step 11
Then draw the shoes like in our illustration. Next, draw the outline of footplates under the feet. Then, draw the shoes as illustrated in our illustration. Then, draw the outline of the small wheels as well as other components in the chair. Take out any unnecessary guides from the drawing, and then move on to the next step.

Step 12
The time has come to draw shadows. We will draw them in the shape of classic shadows drawn in Comics style. This means that the shadows in this drawing look like dark or contrasted areas. For drawing light shadows, employ classic hatching. If you’ve done everything correctly then you now know what it takes to draw Professor X.


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