We’ve drawn the main characters of the animated show The Simpsons, and we decided to draw minor characters. Today, we designed instructions on drawing by Professor Frink.

Step 1
In the beginning, we must sketch the basic outline of the torso and head with the help of basic geometric shapes.

Step 2
Also, with the help of geometric shapes, we draw out the outlines of the legs and arms of the professor.

Step 3
Let’s get started on the finer details. The head is the focal point, drawing out the glasses as in our illustration.

Step 4
Draw the upper portion of the head as well as the hair’s outlines.

Step 5
Draw the mouth, nose, and teeth that stick out. Then, draw an outline of the neck and ear lines.

Step 6
An easy step where we’ll have to pull out an appropriate collar and bow tie.

Step 7
Let’s go a bit lower and trace an outline for the arms.

Step 8
Create the outline of the bottle with the palm of your hand. Inside the bottle, draw bubbles and liquid (we think, what’s it? ).

Step 9
The next step is to draw the outline for the neck of the lab coat as well as the buttons on the shirt underneath that lab coat.

Step 10
An easy step which we’ll need to trace this second-hand of our teacher.

Step 11
With the help of long, smooth lines, trace the outline of the lower edges of the lab coat.

Step 12
The final part of the lesson is drawing Professor Frink is when we’ll need to draw the feet and legs.

This lesson was divided into many simple steps that will make it easier to complete how to draw. It is important to note that this lesson is slightly different from lessons about other Simpsons, like Lisa as well as Bart. What do you think of our website and this lesson? Comment in the comments section of this article or in our social media networks.

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