Hello! Today, we’ll show the viewers ways to draw Princess Luna of My Little Pony! The character we’ll draw today will be the daughter of Princess Celestia. Celestia and Luna over the years controlled the changing of night and day. Celestia was the one responsible for the day, and Luna was the night-time ruler. One day, Princess Luna had to stop to let Celestia her know that the sun for a long period didn’t appear in the sky. After many fights, the sisters came to an agreement as Luna was gracious to Celestia. Let’s grab your favorite piece of pencils, paper, and pencils, start this lesson, and discover how to draw the horse, Princess Moon!

Step 1
Draw a circle that is used to represent the head. On the top of the circle draw a line that is slightly rounded to help us draw the eyes of the pony Luna. Be aware that lines like those that show the eye’s location is directed and consequently will be erased.

Step 2
Below the circle, we draw a curving oval, that represents the torso of Luna. Note that this figure is very similar to that of a bean (of to minion).

). Connect the head to the body with two lines that are curved.

Step 3
Draw the leg contours of princess Luna. The front leg is made up of a completely round figure that extends downwards. Each hind leg comprises two pieces with the top figure expanding towards the body, and the bottom part extending downwards.

Step 4
Based on the plan, draw an eye-shaped oval. Then draw the outline of the face. In case you enjoy other characters from My Little Pony Try to sketch Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

Step 5
Then, draw the eyes of Princess Luna. Within the oval drawn in the first step, we must put two more ovals in place, draw the eyelid’s top, and don’t forget to include two highlights in the pupil. Don’t forget about the eyelash line that is curved.

Step 6
Continue drawing the princess Luna. In this drawing step, we sketch an outline for thick and long ears, a horn, and the lines that run through the hair.

Step 7
We sketch the curvaceous contours of the thick mane. Just behind the horns, which denote an elongated form with three edges. Draw a few dishes that will be identified by the nose and mouth of princess Luna.

Step 8
Remove any extra rules from the face of princess Luna. Paint the pupil. Do not overlook adding areas of glare. Include the horn bent to one sideline.

Step 9
Draw two hair strands that fall from the top downwards in the area of the hair. The hair must be drawn in the direction of the roots towards the ends.

Step 10
Draw around the contours of the legs, and draw the lines that guide the wings.

Step 11
Remove the lines that aren’t needed from the legs and the torso and then circle the contours that result. Be aware that the size of these figures grows toward the top of the wings.

Step 12
Draw a lush, full tail for pony Luna. Begin by drawing the contours, then draw the internal lines. Draw along the direction that runs from the hair’s root up to the tips of the hair.

Step 13
We conclude this drawing lesson by drawing the details of the moon’s patterns and the stars over the thighs and trunk and hoofs.

We wish you all the best and invite you to visit us to learn new drawing techniques!

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